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仿真草坪的七大优势及特点The Seven Advantages and Characteristics of Simulated Lawn


1. Clean and hygienic: Different from natural turf, simulated turf is prone to bacterial growth and is difficult to maintain. People with sensitive skin walking on it can inevitably cause skin discomfort or itching. In addition, natural grass has high maintenance costs. Artificial grass is different from natural grass. From paving to completion, it not only has a short construction period, but also is safe, environmentally friendly, moldy and moisture-proof, with a long service life. There is no need to worry about needing to fertilize or grass again due to seasonal changes, Don't worry about repeated use of grass that may damage it.


2. Weather resistance: Artificial turf is basically not affected by weather or geography and can be used in extreme climate areas such as high cold, high temperature, and plateau. As long as the suitable foundation layer and reasonable drainage system are selected according to the region.


3. Widely used: Rich in color, not easily changing color throughout the four seasons, combined with the design of personalized scenes for surrounding buildings, it is now a good choice for university playgrounds, sports fields, kindergartens, buildings and other venues.


4. Construction and maintenance: The foundation paving can be done on flat asphalt, cement, granite, and compacted ground.


5. Excellent physical and chemical properties: After hundreds of thousands of wear tests, the fiber weight of artificial sports grass only loses 2% -3%. In addition, the tensile strength, water permeability, and elasticity are all very high, and it can be completely drained after about 40 minutes of heavy rain.


6. Safety: By applying principles of medicine and kinematics, the athlete's ligaments, muscles, joints, etc. are protected while exercising on the lawn, greatly reducing the impact and friction force when falling.


7. Reduce workload: After laying the artificial lawn, the workload of the staff has also been significantly reduced. Regular inspections and timely repair of damaged lawns are all necessary for normal use.


It is worth mentioning that various lines on artificial turf sports fields have been formed in one go with white grass seedlings during production. Belonging to environmentally friendly products, it does not contain harmful substances and has noise absorption function. A number of modern science and technology are adopted in production, so that the tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, color fastness, etc. of the products reach a very high level.