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    Featuring good water permeability strong tensile strength and wear resistance. BIY Building landscaping grass is widely used in backyards, gardens, patios and rooftops.


    Boasting a natural underfoot feel with great durability and a terrific appearance, DIY Building sporting grass greatly reduces the risks of sport inquiry and responds to play like natural grass.

    Artificial wall plants

    Artificial wall plant is a kind of wall with highly simulated plant layout. It uses the similarity between the simulated plant and the real plant to achieve the effect similar to the real plant
    wall or to achieve the effect that the real plant can not achieve, so as to satisfy people's pursuit of natural effect.

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      The head-office of  KROOL  JDHY INTERNATIONAL VENTURES  LTD is in Beijing, the capital of China, our branch processing factories in Hebei province. The latest port in Tianjin, we can send the cargo to your port easily.



Our company participates in domestic and international exhibitions multiple times a year, including Germany, France, Brazil, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Dubai, the Philippines, and other exhibitions, with a global presence. The company has rich customer accumulation and exhibition experience. In addition, our company has overseas sales teams in France, Brazil, Russia, and the Philippines, and our excellent employees can be stationed overseas.