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Artificial wall grass installation for small project

●1.Prepare the installation tools Tape measure,tie,U-shape screw, foam board,wood wall:foam board, long screw(about 8cm),bolt driver cement wall:screwdriver,impact drill,expansion screw(about 8cm)
●2.Fix the foam board to the wood wall.Use a screwdriver to screw the long screws and gaskets directly into the wooden wall to secure the foam board.
●3.Fix the foam board to the cement wall.Drake holes in the cement wall with a percussion drill, then screw the expansion screw and gasket directly into the hole with a screwdriver, and fix the foam board.

●4.Fix the wall plant Fix wall plants with ties together for next installation.

●5.Secure the wall plant to the foam board with a U-shaped screw.

●6.Each wall plant need 5 pcsU-shape screw.

●7.Fix the wall plant well.

●8.Insert the small plants you like plants in the gaps of wall plant.

●9.Finished the installation.